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Our townhouse in Sedella, Malaga, Spain

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Our new addition is the townhouse 'La Granada' at Casa Junius holiday resort at Llana 41, 29715 Sedella, Malaga, Spain.
Our new addition at Casa Junius holiday resort at Llana 41, 29715 Sedella, Malaga, Spain.

Staying at a beautiful townhouse at the foot of the Maroma sets you off in the middle of a fantastic hiking area with extraordinary views and just 45 minutes by car to the beach. Sedella, a little village with atmosphere on the slopes of the Natural Park of the Sierras de Tejeda, is a very old village. Even in Roman times, 2000 years ago, it was populated. The village has not changed much since the Moorish times, which ended some 450 years ago. Although ...... the Moorish mosque was 'converted' into a Roman Katholic church.

This townhouse will be called 'Casa Maria'. It is a renovated house in the center of Sedella, located on the main street of the village. But don't worry, all streets in the center of the village are too small to have any traffic except of walkers. The house was bought and renovated in 2022 with, among other things, modern bathrooms, high speed internet, air conditioning (warm in winter, cold in summer) and more.

Some history

Casa Maria was first mentioned some 150 years ago. Before that times, there are no records in the townhall. In those days you only could reach Sedella by a donkey trail as there was no normal road. The house in those days was owned by the church and the priest would live there. So it was an important house in the local community. After that it was bought by a family, who were growing, pressing and dealing in wine. Parts of the old wine press are still in the cellar as well as where the donkey used to stand. When this family moved the building became a small shop for some years. But the village was small and the shop hardly survived. When the owner died, his wife moved to Malaga together with her daughter, who studied there. The building was cleaned by the broker and later sold to the current owner.


The location of the townhouse is the starting point of many signposted trails for walking from Sedella on the slope of the Maroma. You can walk to the other small little villages or enjoy yourself on a nice terrace of our big sunroof. The beach of the Costa del Sol is 45 minutes driving and the road is comfortable driving.


The house, which contains many personal items of the owner, is not intended for general renting. It is available for friends and family. But if you are really interested, contact the owner:

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