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About us

About Us

hospitality and comfort is important to me.

Ellen (host)

Our historic cortijo breathes atmosphere, we provide the hospitality and the comfort. Your stay should be an experience and we strive to make you happy.

Towels and 100% Egyptian linen bed sheets are of course included to make your stay very comfortable. Every year we invest in renovation of the apartments and the surroundings to be up to date with modern living standards. On request you can opt for a breakfast at extra cost in the morning.

Ellen, host and owner of Casa Junius speaks:

  • Dutch

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • and of course she is picking up Spanish

Our own produced olive oil from Casa Junius
Ellen & Cees, owners and hosts of Casa Junius
Sunset at Casa Junius
Sunset at Casa Junius
Our story

Our Story
We have a farm in Andalusia....

It started all with the question in September 2018: 'What are we going to do after our working life in Holland?' To cut a long story short: My partner Cees and I settled in 2019 in the Axarquia in Andalusia. Ellen wanted a B&B and Cees saw many beautiful dilapidated houses, that needed renovation. Casa Junius, as a small Holiday Retreat, was born and the renovation of Casa Maria followed. And there are future plans....


Our olive oil is pressed from our own organic olives. We have harvested our first almonds. We get wine from the region from our Spanish neighbors, who have their vineyard next to our house. We also sell South German- and Spanish wines the better Cavas and excellent Sherry's from our cellars. Cosmetics from a small Spanish company, based on olive extract and completely organic, are sold by Ellen and often used in the apartments. And so we add things, when we think, it contributes to our lifestyle and happiness of our guests.

On the above picture you see the traditional way of harvesting with a stick, hitting the branches and a big net underneath the tree. The fruits fall into the net. The other picture shows filling the bottles with olive oil just after the pressing.

Almond harvest at Casa Junius in August
Our first olive oil harvest from our olive trees at Casa Junius in 2021.
Email us

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IMPORTANT: All shops are closed on Sunday in Spain.

The supermarkets are open in the summer

  • Can we use the airco to heat or cool the apartment?
    Yes, of course. The airco can be used to cool in summer when it is hot outside. Energy prices are very high and therefore we need to ask you an extra €10,- per day. In wintertime we calculate €10,- per 15kg pellet bag in apartment La Oliva. In apartment El Pomelo we charge €10,- for heating by the airco.
  • Are the supermarkets open on Sunday?
    Unfortunately not! So when you arrive in Spain on Saturday evening, there is no possibility to buy anything on Sunday. All shops are closed, even the supermarkets are closed. So please tell us before you arrive, whether we should buy some groceries for you.
  • Do I need bed linnen or towels to bring?
    No, we provide the finest linnen and towels, just to make your stay very comfortable.
  • Can I do some shopping before arriving at Casa Junius?
    Of course. We recommend to do your shopping before you arrive at our location. The closest supermarket is about 10 km away. If you are driving the highway A-7, take exit 953. At the bottom of the exit you see a large shopping center Eroski. Inside, there is a good supermarket. From there it takes about 30 min. to drive to Casa Junius. See also 'Where to go/shopping' on this site.
  • Why should you tell us when you expect to arrive?
    Please tell us at what time you hope to arrive at Casa Junius. This will help us in our planning and to make sure we are there when you arrive. Once you have the key to your apartment and we explained the location, it is entirely up to you when to leave or to come back again.
  • Can I do some shopping before arriving at Casa Maria in Sedella?
    Yes, we recommend to do your shopping before you arrive at our location. Opposite the house in Sedella there is a little shop. The shop has many items, but because of the small size the assortment is limited. The closest big supermarket is in Velez and about 17 km away (45 min. by car). If you are driving from the airport on highway A-7, take exit 953 / Velez. At the bottom of the exit you see a large shopping center Eroski. Inside, there is a big supermarket. See also 'Where to go/shopping' on this site.
  • How do I check in?
    Checking in is easy. We will be there when you arrive and hand over the key and show you our location. Checking in is from 15:00 - 22:00 hours.
  • Should I take my garbage to throw away?
    Yes, please. On the way down from Casa Junius to Velez you will see a garbage dump just after km pole 4 on the right site of the road. There you can leave your glass, plastic and rest garbage. You probably have seen the dump when you passed during your stay. If you don't know, please ask us. We like to keep the region clean.
  • When do I hand over the key?
    During your stay, you probably tell us when you like to leave. We will be there when the time comes and wish you a well trip home.
  • How long do I drive to the airport?
    Usually it takes about 45 minutes to the airport by car from Casa Junius. The highway is not very busy, but around Malaga it might sometimes drive a little slow during rush hours. These are around 09:00 and 14:00 and 19:00 hours. So plan to add another 15 min. and you are save to be in time at the airport. Driving from Casa Maria to the airport takes about 1 hour 15 min.
  • Am I allowed to BBQ during the summer?
    Unfortunately not. During the summer it is not allowed to have any fire outside in the campo due to the possibility of bush fires. It is very dry and hot and 100 year old olive trees could burn in minutes.
  • Can I use the outside kitchen at the pool area at Casa Junius?
    Yes, the outside kitchen is there for our guests. There is a refrigerator to keep your food and/or drinks coll during the day. Please empty it in the evening and put the food / drinks in your own refrigerator. There is also a waterheater for coffee or tea. It is not possible to cook there. You share the outside kitchen with the guests, if applicable.
  • Can I ask a question during my stay?
    Yes of course. We live in one of the apartments at Casa Junius. Though sometimes we are away for e.g. shopping. You can reach us by phone as well: +31 6 1191 7773.
  • Can I use the washing machine in apartment La Oliva?
    Yes. For the usage of the washing machine we charge you €5,- per wash including soap.
  • Is the pool cleaned?
    Of course. The pool will be cleaned regularly. Also the automatic pumping system pumps the water around several times during the day to filter the water.
  • When can I use the pool?
    You can use the pool whenever you like between 09:00 hours and 21:00 hours, 7 days a week. After 22:00 hours we like the pool area to be quite. Two bedroom windows are directed towards the pool area.
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