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Some bottles can be bought in different sizes.

A word in advance:


EVOO stands for 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil' in English. Translated into Spanish, the abbreviation is AOVE or 'Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra'.

On the label of our bottles you may find AOVE,  but EVOO means the same.


AOVE or EVOO is the highest quality olive oil available and is produced through mechanical extraction without the use of chemicals or excessive heat. In Spain, the 'extra virgin' and 'virgin' categories are protected by very strict laws, similar to the laws for wine and sherry.

Casa Junius is not mixing olives from different groves, not blending different oils nor different years into one batch of bottles.

Casa Junius collection

Casa Junius collection

Straight from the tree into the bottle

The 'Casa Junius collection' is characterized by:

  • the best not sprayed biological grown olives. No mixing with olives from other groves, no blending with other oils.

  • There is a QR-code on our bottles, which provides access to additional information on our site regarding origin, production date and much more.

  • We use simple plastic bottles with pour cap. Plastic-bottles are 5 times lighter than their glas equivalent. Using a plastic bottle saves money on the 2300 km transport and are very easy to recycle.

Monttosa collection

Montossa collection
additional info olive oil

Additional information about the source and production of your Casa Junius Extra Virgin olive oil bottle. It is like "Track & Trace" to the source of your bottle. Only bottles, produced by Casa Junius and with Casa Junius label + a batch number provide this additional information.

On the label of every bottle you will find a date and a batch number. Select both information in the dropdown buttons and you will find additional information of your oil, the exact location of the grove, production date, total amount of oil and more.

Eigen label olijfolie flesje (500ml)

Item                                         Information                                  Explanation                                                                

Name of grove or farmer

Manuel Cordoba

61,5 liters were bought by Casa Junius from the trees of Manuel Cordoba out of a total of 276 liters. Manuel is a little farmer in the Arenas area with many biological trees. He does not spray his olive grove. You can see his trees on the hill site across the little river Rio Seco on the road A-4111 from Velez to Arenas on pole 5,5km.

Bottles on stock

Olive variety



Google Maps location

36.812738, -4.057442

Copy the coordinates and paste this code into Google Maps. You will find the exact location of the olive grove.

Total kg of olives harvested for Casa Junius at this location


This amount of kg is used for the production of the Casa Junius olive oil. Many olive groves produce more olives, which will be sold to the cooperative.



Tuesday, 16 January 2024

Friday, 19 January 2024

Produced liters of olive oil


'true' means, that the olives are biological grown.

The harvest date and production date should be very close together, preferably within 24 hours. The olives should be as fresh as possible to be pressed to keep the quality of the oil high.

Late harvest

An early harvest yields spicy olive oil, which is used natural cold food, like in salads. The spicy taste is important here. A late harvest of more mature olives has a slightly rounder flavour. This oil you can use for backing meat and marinades. But .... as always, it is a matter of taste.


1 January 2026

The olive oil is smooth and oily. It has a very nice soft rich taste. The color is light yellow. The oil is not filtered, making the taste very natural.

The next pictures offer a view of the grove during the harvest.

3 pictures of the olive related to the specific production date of our olive oil
3 pictures of the olive related to the specific production date of our olive oil
3 pictures of the olive related to the specific production date of our olive oil
Future harvest

The 'Late Harvest' Extra Virgin olive oil by the end of January 2024 is still available.

New 'Early Harvest' Extra Virgin olive oil is planned for November 2024.

The harvest last year of olives for 'Early Harvest' olive oil was on the 26th/27th of October 2023. Delivery of the first bottles of this oil were at the beginning of December 2024 and was immediately sold out.

The 'Late Harvest' took place on the 19th January. Shipment of the bottles was by mid February 2024.

In February 2024 the olive trees start to bloom again. In March/April we had rain. During summer it will not rain in the Axarquia. Then, in November 2024, we expect the 'Early harvest' again. During the harvest weekend we plan a big party!

You can register in advance by sending an email to We cannot say anything about the prices per bottle at the moment. Well, that the quality will be ecological and excellent again. We won't settle for less!

some things to know about olive oil

Is olive oil healthy? Just click the link and read on. In Spain people use olive oil instead of butter for example at preparing a Catalana sandwich.

Olives have a long history. In the hills of the Axarquia there are many the traditional olives groves. The sources of all our oils are the olive groves around Casa Junius. Our olives are not mixed with olives from different olive groves nor is our oil blended with oil from other olive groves. Our oil is what we call: 'Single olive' of monocultivar. The batch/quality of our end product, our extra virgin olive oil, can therefore be traced back to the olive grove and the subsequent processing process. Each batch is given a unique number. Harvesting dates and production dates are recorded and are very important for the final quality and taste of the oil in your bottle.

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