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Our 'Extra virgin' olive oils are extracted from ecological growing olives and modern pressing - and production methods. You can trace back our oil to the olive grove where the olives originally came from.

This makes the olive oil from Casa Junius quite unique.

500 ml glass bottle with olive oil

Transport to Holland / Belgium

Transporting your just bought goods from Spain to Holland / Belgium is normally an expensive operation. We try to make the transport cost as low as possible.

So this is how we do it:

  1. Once a month we transport all packages from Spain to Holland. 

  2. When they arrive, the transport truck offloads all our packages at a PostNL location.

  3. At a PostNL location, your package is scanned, a tracing number is added and you will get an email that your package is on its way.

  4. Usually next day PostNL delivers your package at your address.

Truck for transport to Holland
Local distribution in Holland / Belgium

So when the truck has just left, it might take up to 4 weeks before your package will arrive. Or when the truck leaves just after you ordered, it will take a few days to deliver. Unfortunately we cannot say exactly when the truck leaves.

This way will save you 60%-70% of the usual transport costs.

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