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Casa Maria

Not for rental or is it?

Casa Maria was bought by the current owner on the 22nd of February 2022. After some renovation and painting, the house is ready now, it is furnished and very tasteful decorated by Ellen. It is very comfortable and luxurious. It became an important house again for many years to come.


The house, a max of 4 people can stay here, contains many personal items of the owner. Therefor it is not intended for general renting. But ..... it is available for friends and family.


Though, if you are really interested, loves luxury, can pay the rent, are careful with the inventory and wants to stay in a grand home in the middle of a fantastic hiking region, contact the owner: or Casa Junius: 

The facade of Casa Maria at night in Sedella - Christmas 2022

Casa Maria, some history

Casa Maria is a very distinguished house in Sedella. At the beginning of the last century, the house was owned by the church and the pastor of the village lived here. By then the house was known by Casa Maria, but the name was not used the last 100 years after the church sold the house. It is the last house at the only horizontal street in the village, called Calle Llana. This means 'flat street'. The street is about 150m long, from the main church to the house.

Traditional building

The house is very traditionally build. The walls are 50-60cm thick. The building material is very hard rockstones, which were found in the neighborhood. By donkey these rocks were transported down to the village. There was no cement in those days either, so the builders used a special mixture of sand between the rocks. When a wall was finished another sand mixture was put on the outside. Then it was painted with chalk. The result of all of this: no wall is straight, but when it is warm, it is cool on the inside. 

The house had no bathrooms, no kitchen, no heating and no drains. This all had to be built and that was no easy task on thick hard rockstones.

The village

Sedella was and still is a very quite village. In early days people lived from the olives, almonds  and viticulture. These trees are still there, but it is not the main source of income anymore. Almost all old Spanish inhabitants still have a piece of land to cultivate and graze their donkeys. There is no industry in the village or even close. So many young people left for the big cities in Spain. What left in Sedella were older Spanish people, living from their pension and social income.


Many houses were abandoned. Over the last years, you see more and more foreigners from North Europe come to Sedella, who bought a house over here. And to many surprises, the village starts living again. There is a little supermarket, 2 cafes have opened and the mayor and his crew organize many activities and festivities. The Mayor is very active and everybody loves it.

The area

Casa Maria is our townhouse in Sedella. It is located in the heart of Sedella, a little village at the foot of the mountain called Maroma. This mountain is part of the bigger Natural Park of the Sierras de Tejeda. It sets you off in the middle of a fantastic hiking region with extraordinary mountain- and valley views. Sedella is just 45 minutes by car to the Mediterranean beach.


Sedella, a little village with atmosphere, is a very old village. The village has grown little over the centuries, rather shrunk the last 100 years. Even in Roman times, 2000 years ago, it was populated. The village has not changed much since the Moorish times, which ended some 450 years ago. Although ...... the Moorish mosque was 'converted' into a Roman Katholic church.

To find Casa Maria

Just type 'Casa Maria Sedella' on Google Maps

Casa Maria is located in the Axarquia,

a region with the best and mildest climate of Andalusia, Southern Spain.

Postal address:

Calle Llana 41, 29715 Sedella, Malaga, Spain

any questions? write to us:

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