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Spring has arrived in the Axarquia

Spring has arrived when the almond trees are in full bloom.
Spring has arrived at Casa Junius

21st of January 2022

Spring has arrived in the south of Spain. On the foreground you see an almond tree in full blossom. In the back you see our pool area.

In the Axarquia, a small region just east of the city Malaga, you will find many olive- and almond trees in the mountains. The climate in this region is the mildest of Spain.

It is busy in this region. Nature is working hard to wake up. The almond trees are always the first. The olive trees are to be harvested and soon the new olive oil is for sale at the farmers. The grapes are already pressed and the new wine is in the wine barrels to mature. The next few month is a beautiful time to walk. There are excellent walking routes on the slopes of the Maroma, just half a hour from Casa Junius.

A cosy pellet stove is installed at apartment 'La Oliva' to heat the apartment when it is cold outside.
A warm pellet stove in Apartment 'La Oliva'

Eventhough the weather is getting warmer, the evenings are still a bit chilly. Apartment 'La Oliva' has a very nice pellet stove to warm the whole apartment. Usually older houses in the south of Spain are not heated at all.

Pellets are small pressed wood pieces. These pellets are made from waste wood. The pellets are burned completely and have a very high efficiency. The stove is electronically regulated and the room is temperature controlled, but still you see the flames of the fire. This makes our apartment 'La Oliva' nice and warm and also very cosy.

So if you are a walker and enjoy nature during the day, stay in 'La Oliva' end enjoy a cosy evening.

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