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Hiking and climbing at Casa Junius

Many dirtroads go along the olive- and almond groves. Beautiful to walk and enjoy the scenery. On the right side you see and almond tree in bloom.
Dirtroad along olive groves at Casa Junius

Not during the summer season, but ....... the rest of the year you can enjoy yourself by hiking. Casa Junius is located in the mountains of the Axarquia, just a little east of the city of Malaga. Around the house we have many dirtroads up and down the mountains and valleys, alongside of the young and old olive - and almond trees. In January the almond trees are in bloom with rose and white flowers. You have fantastic clear views for miles and miles away.

May be this olive tree was planted by the Moors, just before they were kicked out of the Axarquia in 1568.
This olive tree is may be 500 years old

On the one edge of the Axarquia stands the Maroma, a mountain ridge up to 40 km long. The highest peak of this mountain is 2067 metres. On the slopes of the Maroma are several old villages: Canillas de Aceituno, Sedella, Salares, Competa, Frigiliana to mention a few. Between these white villages there are still very old trading roads. Now they are hiking trails. Beautiful to walk, but there are many more trails in the same area. Several books have been written to describe these trails, such as 'Walk! Costa del Sol (Axarquia)' from Charles Davis (ISBN 9781782750451).

One warning in advance: Don't hike during summer time. Even the Spanish people from the Axarquia will point to their foreheads when hiking at 35 degrees and they are used to hot summers. It is just too hot in summertime to walk & climb in the mountains. In mid winter in January, you might walk in the snow close to the top of the Maroma, while in the valley it is 15 degrees and often full sun. And 'off-season' it is also cheaper to stay with us.

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