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Casa Maria - old 'townhouse' given its rightful place again.

Casa Maria in Sedella by night at Christmas time 2022
Casa Maria by night at Christmas time 2022

The restoration of Casa Maria is finished except for a few minor points. It was quite a job to breathe new life into an old house and put it back in splendor. It worked and the Spanish villagers are also proud given the many admiring reactions.

Casa Maria also has quite a history. The origin is unknown, but in any case very old given the 60cm thick walls. It is one of the most distinguished houses in the village of Sedella in the province of Malaga. More than 150 years ago it was the home of the church and the village priest lived in it. The mayor, the doctor and the pastor were the notables of the village. At that time you could only reach Sedella via a donkey path. Later it was bought by a family who made wine in the cellar from the local grapes. A mula (cross of donkey and horse) stood in the cellar as well as the wine press. The feeders for the mula can still be seen and also part of the wine press. For the last few years a small village shop has been housed in the property. After the death of the man, his wife moved to Malaga with her daughter and the property was bought by an estate agent from the neighboring village of Competa. The property has been owned by the undersigned since February 22, 2022.

Although the property was well painted by the real estate agent, there were no facilities. There was 1 water connection, 1 drain for the small toilet, the electrical cables ran over the wall or were completely absent in some rooms and there was no heating. There were no bathrooms and no kitchen. You can safely say, the house was furnished Spartan. Now this is more common in older Spanish houses and certainly here in the village.

In the meantime, after the restoration, the house has been adapted to the current time. There are two bathrooms with underfloor heating and rain showers, a beautiful kitchen with all appliances and a beautiful Lapitec counter top, 5 air conditioners heat and cool the house in winter and summer, of course internet throughout the house where all light and electricity can be switched via internet , 8 solar panels generate 15-25kW per day (also in winter) and the outside doors have been replaced and are now draft-tight. The house lives very comfortably with an extra outdoor kitchen on the roof terrace. You can say: an old 'townhouse' has been restored.

Casa Maria will not be rented out. The house is very luxurious and the inventory has too many private items to allow holiday rentals. However, we will open it to our children, family and close friends if they want to stay with us in Spain for a few days.

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