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Casa Junius - January 2022, the new year begins

The new year has begun and the weather is excellent. All feast days have gone and we need some exercise. Who doesn't. Blue sky as ever, but still a bit chilly. I talk 17 degrees. Nice weather to start to work in the garden. Well, a garden we have at Casa Junius including a hill side of 5000m2.

Yesterday a big wind blew away a Mimosa tree, so that needs some attention. Our hill side is covered with almond trees and olive trees. Early last year we pruned these trees, so they did not carry many fruits by the end of last year. This year it will be different as you can see a lot of tree buds. Spring will be lovely to watch all these trees in bloom. The Axarquia region has a very nice climate and Spring already begins as early as the end of January. Winter has gone or better: has never been here....

Well, this afternoon I cutted the Mimosa tree in small pieces, cut also some branches of other trees, made a big pile of all the rubbish. The wood should dry a little. By the end of the month some of our kids will come over and their husbands need some exercise as well. They will lite the wood and help me clear the place. A men's job.

Olives in our garden

This month the olives will be harvested. Not for us this year as due to pruning we don't have many olives. But all the farmers around us will do. The olives are small this year. It has not rained much the last 5 month. Normally in November / December it will rain a little in the region and the olives will grow, but not last year. We will see what nature brings this year.

This time of year is very attractive for hikers. In our area there are dozens of hiking trails with fantastic views. Just enjoy the beautiful weather and the tranquility. And even along the beach it is pleasant without a coat and umbrella. Highly recommended.

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