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Dressage and music during Andalusia Day

The Spanish dancer dances with the horse in Sedella
The Spanish dancer dances with the horse.

Andalusia Day is celebrated on February 28 and commemorates the February 28, 1980 referendum on Andalusia's statute of autonomy. Andalusian voters voted in favor of the statute making Andalusia an autonomous community of Spain. So in many towns and villages people celebrate and Sedella is no exception.

There are many joyful celebrations in Sedella. The mayor is very active and in this small community people like a well organized party. Often there is music on the central square in front of the church, the community prepares a meal for everyone and you can have a drink. Many Spanish villagers come here and there is a lot of atmosphere. But you have to speak Spanish....... Well, unfortunately I don't, but it's still fun to participate.

This time a band moved through the streets of Sedella past Casa Maria, followed by many people. The march went to the church square of another small church in Sedella. See video. The small church square was covered with fine sand for the occasion, so that the horses could walk well.

There was also an evening program with Churros and hot chocolate. Not bad for a village with less than 600 inhabitants.

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