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The "salade bowl" is a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing bowl that features a decoration pattern or design incorporating the colors blue and green. It appears to be designed with versatility in mind, as it can serve both functional and decorative purposes. 


As a functional item, the bowl can be used to serve green salades, thanks to its suitable size and depth. The depth of the bowl helps contain the salade and its accompanying sauce, preventing spills and making it easier to mix and serve the dish.


Additionally, the bowl's decorative qualities make it a versatile piece, that can be used as a standalone decorative item. Its visually appealing design, featuring the combination of blue and green colors, makes it suitable for holding fruits or other decorative items on display in various settings, such as a kitchen counter, dining table, or as part of an interior décor arrangement.


Overall, the "salade bowl" you've described appears to be a practical and visually pleasing piece that can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of its surroundings. Remember to choose a bowl that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to enhance your dining experience and kitchen decor. Enjoy your salade bowl!

Salade bowl (30,5cm)

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VAT Included
  • Diameter 30,5cm, Height 11cm. 

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