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This virgin olive oil from the 2021-2022 harvest is characterized by the fact that it is a sweet oil with soft tones. It remains an oil of exceptional quality, but… Why doesn't it have the addition "extra"?


Since it is an oil from the previous year, it has lost a little of its intensity in smell and taste. Therefore by Spanish law it is classified as 'Virgin'. Nevertheless, it remains a very versatile oil, which can be used raw (toast or salads) or for cooking.


All olive oil must be protected from heat, light and air. This has been done optimally and the olive oil can still be stored for another year.

AOV Previous harvest '22-'23 AOV

VAT Included
  • We keep our invertory at Casa Junius in Spain. When you are based in Belgium or the Netherlands, we transport all our orders to the Netherlands once every month and from there, it will be distributed to you by PostNL. This way it saves money.

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