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Day of the animals in Sedella

The 21st and 22nd of January are important days in Sedella. In the evening of the 21st (my birthday) the Madonna of the village is carried through the streets of Sedella, passing Casa Maria.

The Madonna is carried through the streets of Sedella
The Madonna is carried through the streets of Sedella

On the 6th of January the sculpture is carried from the main

church to the smaller church on the edge of the village. Usually

the sculpture is in the main church, so today it is carried back. That is quite an event and many local people follow. This event is the start of the blessing of the animals next day.

The next day is very nice. All mula's (donkey/horse breed) and the horses of the village come to the center in front of the church. They are cleaned by their owners and often colorful decorated. There the pastor will bless them.

Of course many people and children are around and the atmosphere is very pleasant. There are drinks you can buy, people see each other again and welcome eachother. Flares with a big bang are set off by an official of the mu

nicipality. By my big surprise, none of the animals are reacting. They are standing calm and easy between the people. Even the local dogs seems not to react. Well, our dogs were not present, but even in our house (approx. 100m from the square) they did not like the bangs.

As you can see on the pictures, there was no cloud in the sky. Very often in this time of the year, it is very cold and windy in Northern Europe. Not so in Andalusia. The temperature rose to about 18 degree, so it was a bit fresh as the Spanish would say. Therefor everybody puts a coat on......

In January and February usually the weather is nice and perfect weather to hike. In the mornings it might be a bit cold, but after sunrise the temperature increases between 15-20 degrees. The almond trees start to blossom in the beginning of February. Nice weather to pick up a tint.

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